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This wiki is a contribution from CDPQ  Redirection to CDPQ website



CSHIN is managed by Dr Christa Arsenault with the support of Gabriela Guigou, Manager, National Swine Health Initiative at the Canadian Pork Council.


Québec RAIZO Representation
Dre Claudia Gagné-Fortin
Dr Jean-François Doyon
Western Provinces CWSHIN Representation
Dr Jette Christensen
Dr Yanyan Huang
Dr Susan Detmer
Dre Brad Lage
Dr Josh Waddington
Dre Jessica Law
Dr John Harding
Ontario OAHN Representation
Dr George Charbonneau
Dre Christine Pelland
Dr Jim Fairles
Maritimes Representation
Dr Dan Hurnik
Dr Ryan Tenbergen
Canadian Pork Council (CPC)
Gabriela Guigou
Dr Egan Brockhoff
Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians (CASV)
Dr Christian Klopfenstein
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
Dr Rajiv Arora
Dre Andrea Osborn
Dre Amy Snow
Dre Andrea Ellis
Dre Sonja Laurendeau
Agriculture and Food Canada (AAFC)
François Bédard
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